Update, simplify and optimize gas distributor’s digital tool for selling cylinder gas, services and equipments to customer


A reliable tool widely used in Europe (deployed in 11 countries , 5 000 distributors using MGP, 400 000 customers (SH)

Mainly focused on logistics and administrative functions

    • Transaction: Gas, contract management, cylinder movement…
    • Distributors deliveries management
    • Distributor’s reordering to AL
    • Partner inventory management
    • AL – distributors communication tools

Meeting with an Airliquide Gaz Distributor in Belgium

My role

I led the design of « Distributor Interface » for mobile and desktop since the outset of the project in March 2018.

Up until August 2019, I led efforts to evolve the service and address distributors pain‐points related to their job and Airliquide business rules.

The mains pain points

One of the principal pain points for distributors was their way to manage products. To track cylinders they used a barcode, scannable with a divice without screen. It was very painfull because the distributor unknow if he have correctly scan all cylinders he needs.

The second principal pain points was the complexity of their software. Old and very unpractical, many bugs were disturbing the distributors during theirs Job Flow

1. Isolate main feature and design new selling process

2. Design an omincanal saling tool

Airliquide’s customers use MyGaz to buy gaz cylinders. When an order is created by a Welder the distributor receive a notification with which product he could deliver to his customer.

To fit with MyGaz, Airliquide asked me to respect the UI of MyGaz

First design approach

3. Responsive design & PWA

To facilitate the scan of the barcode I decided to push the idea to develop a mobile application to help distributors during their sale’s process. But i can’t tell you more right now…


I’m working