Turn the act of welding into an user-friendly experience by making it easier, faster and safer, thanks to a mix of mechanical and digital innovations.

Design and develop a web collaborating tool to manage welding projects


During the welding process the gas helps to protect the melting of the metal. Properly used quality gas ensures a strong and durable weld.

Air Liquide sell and distribute gas worldwide to millions of users. Gas supply is a major issue to allow welders to work seamlessly.

A new welding solution

The main advantages of Qlixbi include:

  • Simplicity and speed (Click & Weld) with a revolutionary connector that clicks the welding station to the gas cylinder three times faster, without additional tools, as well as safer and easier maneuvering with a new ergonomic wheel
  • Supply continuity thanks to a reserve indicator on the cylinder combined with an IoT system that shows remotely when it is low in gas and replenishes stock automatically as per each user pattern
  • A digital application which allows job files and status sharing as well as information tracing, supporting better collaboration within welding shops.