I carried out a street interview,  asking people their whisky experience. I wanted to know consumers approach when they buy a whisky, the triple W: Which When Where

To complete my research i read some articles and consumer studies

The future of wines and spirits: new uses, new professions (FR)

 « Spiritourism », travel in the world of spirits (FR)

Whisky experience inspirations

The project

Objectif #1

Create an AR experience for mobile to help consumer to taste whisky.

Objectif #2

Create a friendly activitiy to share emotions and knowledges about whisky

Objectif #3

Design a service, usefull for the consumer with a big added value

I wanted to offer to the consumers a digital experience based on Whisky’s Flavors and explain how it’s possible to discover all of them.

After a travel in Scotland in 2017, i was lucky to visit Ben Nevis distillery.

When the visit of the distillery ended, a Ben Nevis employee teached to the group how to discover the differents whisky’s flavors variations.

How recreate this knowledge out of tourism experience ?

Most of Whiskys are sold with an attractive box. My idea was to create a packaging to guide the consumer through his taste experience.

Sketchs and tests

Open packaging

Choose one of four golden piece

Use your smartphone to discover 360°  AR experience

Test of Google AR Elements