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PY 1.0


Service design


Samples of interface's screens


Help technicians to better carry out their verification round. Limit typing errors and speed up note taking.

Illustration of a technician during is working day
The technician, who is taking note, report result on this kind of Sheet


An atmosphere controlled furnace is designed for material synthesis under controlled inert gas atmosphere up to 1600ºC with better temperature uniformity. In this case, the material is a tube of different chemical elements.

Each day, two technicians have to verify with a thermometer gun if the temperature inside the furnace is right and uniform.

They have to respect the right furnace chamber order to check all tubes. One of the technician targets a tube in the furnace chamber and tells the measure to the other technician who is in charge of taking notes.

Before our intervention, the two technicians used to communicate between each other by yelling across the noisy factory which, very often led to mistakes. Moreover, the technicians taking note had to be quick to follow the rythm of temperature results.


My workspace during design process
Re-shoot step to consolide results

My role

Improve the first UX & UI iteration made by an other UX designer. I have to strengthen visibility of temperature.

Before & after